About Average Joe Invest

Average Joe Invest LLC helps the “Average Joe” start, run and sell at a profit, an online business. For an initial capital investment of only $2,000, you can partner with us to create an online shopping website and run it with the support of a team of online marketing professionals.

We help you from the very start, building you a website specifically designed to generate sales. You get to choose the products you want and the color schemes you like. There’s no 1 or 2 month long wait like with typical web designers. Our design team will have your site up and running within a single week.

The marketing and SEO teams will then optimize and drive tons of quality traffic to your website to start bringing in the sales. Of course, you will be updated on a regular basis on the status of your website and the best ways to improve it.

After 6 months, sell your website for up to $3,000. That’s up to 50% return on your money! Your initial capital investment of $2,000 is secured by a performance bond. This means low risk and high returns!

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